Covid-19 update - September courses

Since March 23rd 2020 all places of education in the UK have been closed for two extended periods, but we expect to remain fully open from the autumn term in September. During times of closure, we considered that it was very important to complete the courses for all of our students, so we immediately made provision for all tutors to continue with classes online, at the normal class times. In this way all students had the opportunity of finishing their courses, and did not have any 'information deficit' when compared with other year groups. So we have been able to assess our students on their performance over the whole course, not just part of it. None of this would have been possible without the help and cooperation of our excellent tutors, who made the transition to online learning as seamless as possible.

Assuming that the current trends continue, face to face sessions can continue from the beginning of the autumn term in September, with the appropriate safety measures in place. We are in a fortunate position, as our groups are small. Students can still join a course online if they cannot do so in person, but we would encourage all students to attend at the college. Fees for online courses are the same as those published, because students attend for the same time and do the same work.

We understand that you may have concerns about face to face courses and the possibility of virus transmission, so please feel free to ask us more about this. In the meantime, a massive 'thank you' to our tutors - we really appreciate all you do.

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