Course and examination fees 2022-2023

We are a small independent college so charge fees to cover our normal running costs, such as teacher payments, equipment for practical work and building charges. Course fees can be paid in instalments, either termly, half termly or in 10 equal amounts from September to June. Exam entry fees cover the cost of payments to AQA or CIE, and include our administration charge for processing your entry. Fees are best paid by direct debit.

A-level 1 year courses

3 subjects...£7100

2 subjects...£5000

1 subject.....£2500

Fees can be paid in 10 instalments, with no extra charge

GCSE 1 year courses

Maths + English + Combined Science...£5500

Maths + English + Separate Sciences...£7100

1 subject....£1800

Astronomy evening class...£200 per term

Examination entry fees

A-level (per subject)...£185

A-level Mathematics...£245

GCSE (per subject)....£90

GCSE Combined Science...£255

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