Medical and Law degrees; Oxbridge entry

Medical schools in the UK normally require A-level chemistry and 2 other subjects, all with A-grades. But academic achievement is not the only thing considered, and they also look at your interests, community involvement, work experience and demeanour. Medical staff must be able to work with other health professionals and their patients. Oxford and Cambridge both have early application deadlines, and often have their own entry exams.

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Entry for Medicine / Dentistry / Veterinary Science

Most medical schools require you to sit the UCAT or BMAT test

22nd September: Deadline for UCAT entry

1st October: Deadline for BMAT entry

29th September: Final UCAT exam date

3rd November: BMAT exam (9:00 am)

Oxford and Cambridge University Entrance

15th October: UCAS deadline for Oxford and Cambridge

3rd/4th November: Oxbridge entrance exams

Note that Oxford and Cambridge have their own admissions exams, which you normally have to sit before selection for an interview

Law - any good combination of A-level subjects

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