Online courses - how it works

You can study any of our A-level or GCSE courses online. The course schedule is exactly the same as the 'in person' course, so you really will be a member of the group! Before each session you will be sent an invitation to join, and any additional course notes or homework sheets will be sent by e-mail. Students studying online will therefore have the same contact time as other students, and the same course materials. We encourage online students to be interactive, and take a full part in each session as if you are attending in person. If you need help after the session, then we can be contacted by e-mail (the same as for other students), and will respond as soon as possible.

What about practical work and exams?

Practical science work and exams cannot be done online, so you will need to come in to the college if you are studying science subjects, or sitting exams. There are 12 practicals for each A-level science, and most A-level subjects have 3 exams (in June of each year). Online students would normally be invited in for 4 days close to Easter, in order to carry out the science practical work. Although you can pass A-level science subjects without the practical work, this will be recorded on your certificate and may cause a problem when applying to university. For more information about this, please contact us.

What if you are an overseas student?

One advantage of studying online is that you do not need to travel to us! This opens up our courses to a range of other students from around the UK and abroad. The only requirement we have is that you attend the college for science practical work (if applicable), and the written exam papers. Most foreign students will be able to get a limited time visa to enter the UK for study, but an alternative would be to sit exams in your own country at an approved AQA centre. But we would prefer you to come to us here in the UK, as the administration is much simpler! For more information, please contact us .


You are welcome to leave comments and feedback, and we will respond as quickly as possible. Please use our contact form.